Button Up on April 25 Help us show power and solidarity!

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On April 4th, MAPE opened contract negotiations with management, laying out our proposals and listening to their proposals. MAPE and MMB contract negotiators will be back at the bargaining table April 24-26. 

On April 25, MAPE and AFSCME are hosting a day to button up and band together. We are asking all MAPE members to wear MAPE buttons and take a picture. We need your help to show our power and solidarity, and let management know all 15,000 of us are paying attention!

On April 25th, get as many coworkers as you can to wear your MAPE campaign button. If you don’t have buttons at your site, talk to your negotiations representative, or your business agent, and they’ll make sure you get some. In the morning, put on your button, and either individually or in a group, take a picture. 

Then, tweet that picture or post it on Facebook, and use both hashtags: #MAPEcontract and #MAPEbuttonup and #bandtogether. 

If you don’t use social media, you can still be part of it! Send the picture via email to aerickson@mape.org.

AFSCME members will also be showing solidarity by wearing wrist bands, since many of their members can’t wear buttons at work, in their #bandtogether campaign.

Please spread the word to your coworkers.