Apply for Frontline Worker Pay by July 22 Let us know that you applied!

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Together, MAPE members helped keep Minnesota running throughout the worst of the pandemic and beyond. We know the last two years impacted each of you differently, and we thank all of you for your dedicated work and celebrate alongside those who qualify for frontline worker pay. 

For the past couple of years, the stories of frontline work have permeated MAPE conversations and advocacy. We have fought to ensure workers comp assumption on positive COVID tests, advocated with other unions for adequate PPE, passed frontline worker pay this spring, and more. 

There was an outcry for compensation for those who have given so much during this pandemic. It took 18 months from when the federal government allocated money towards frontline workers to finally see the bill signed into law by the Minnesota Legislature this spring.  

Our union, along with others like us, made that happen. Imagine what we can win if we keep building power through activism, coalitions, and negotiations. We’re strongest united. 

Applications for Frontline worker pay opened June 8 and will close July 22. We hope to track if you or your loved ones applied and collect stories of how this will benefit you. Please let us know by completing this short form. To review eligibility requirements, go here. 

Frontline worker pay is open to all Minnesotans who qualify; you do not need to be a state worker. Check with those in your household, your family, and your friends. Together, we can make sure all frontline workers receive this recognition.  

Check out the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s toolkit. (Shout out to our DLI members who have been working to make this happen!) 

So, now that we have won frontline worker pay what next?  

In just a few short weeks, we will be starting our next round of contract negotiations. We can use this time and this victory to aim high. Join your regional contract action team by contacting your region’s negotiator, and stay tuned to MAPE’s website for additional action steps. 


President Megan Dayton and Vice President Angela Halseth