Negotiations Committee identifies bargaining themes, launches CAT plan

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MAPE negotiators met last week with a goal to build a transparent bargaining plan that would not only allow but also encourage members to be involved in the negotiating of MAPE’s 2019-21 contract.

“We’re being more deliberate this time as we start going through proposals and we’re identifying the themes early so we can start organizing around that,” Negotiations Committee Co-Chair Lynn Butcher said.

On Friday, the Negotiations Team was joined by MAPE meet and confer leaders to debrief the hundreds of listening sessions that have been taking place across the state with 2,396 members at 131 work sites.

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Using post-its filled with input from members who attended those listening sessions, the 75 leaders then discussed goals for negotiations and identified key themes that arose from the listening sessions. Those themes include wages and health care, investment in our workforce, career advancement, safety, retirement and work-life balance.

Negotiators also agreed to launch Contract Action Teams (CATs) across the state that will further the goals of the Negotiations Committee at the local level.

“We need a table strategy and a ground strategy,” Executive Director Lina Jamoul said. “This time around, the idea is to take it deeper at the agency levels where we hold actions around the same time we’re going to open with the state.”

Negotiations Committee Co-Chair Maggie Dreon said the goal is to get a CAT up and running in every local.

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“These contract action teams are important and will make us stronger,” she said. “The CAT will be able to move things in the agencies and at the local level.”

If being part of a contract action team sounds interesting to you, please reach out to your negotiations representative so you can be plugged into your local contract action team.

Negotiators’ next meeting is in January when they’ll meet to review all member-submitted proposals and results from the MAPE statewide survey that went out earlier this month.

Bargaining with Minnesota Management and Budget is expected to begin in March.