2021 Resolution Summaries

Publish Date

Saturday, Sept. 18, MAPE held the 2021 Delegate Assembly (DA). Delegate Assembly is MAPE’s highest governing body. This annual meeting provides an opportunity for delegates to vote on resolutions that have been submitted by members. Two resolution forums were held in advance so DA participants could get more details about the resolutions and ask questions. Seven resolutions were submitted and taken up at the DA. You can watch a full recap of the resolution discussion and votes on the recording beginning at 3:10:40.

The Board of Directors will need to take up the conflict between Resolution #4 and existing bylaws. If delegates or other members have suggestions on resolving this, please email your Board of Director representative or a member of the Executive Committee. 

The results and summary of language changes are as follows. 

Resolution 1: Provide for An Alternate Chair For Judicial Committee 
Ruled out of order

Ruled out of order by the chair because additional bylaw change is required to allow for a process to file a report to an alternate chair.


Resolution 2: Board Workgroup Updates
Amended version passed as follows:

Workgroups. The Board of Directors shall establish workgroups to perform specific tasks assigned by the Board of Directors. 

Board members will be voting members. Work groups may add non-board members in advisory roles.

The board of directors shall create and maintain a comprehensive list of all current board workgroups, sub-groups, task forces, and advisory groups it has created.

This list shall be made available for members, on the MAPE website.

This list shall include the following information about each group:

  • Scope

  • Composition/ structure

  • Current members

  • Term Length/Term Limits

Amendment to the amendment passes: Vote: 117 Yes; 7 No 

Resolution is amended: Vote to the amendment: 99 Yes; 21 No

Resolution 2 passes: Vote on amended Resolution: 112 Yes; 11 No


Resolution 3: Meet and Confer Committee Expansion and Updates
Passed as follows:

Each committee shall elect one of its members as Secretary. The secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of Meet and Confer Committee meetings with the respective Appointing Authority.

F. Speaker. The chairs of the statewide Meet and Confer committees will elect one of the Meet and Confer Chairs as their Speaker. The Speaker will represent the Meet and Confer committees on the Negotiations Committee and the Executive Committee.

  1. The Chairs shall elect a new Speaker within one (1) month of contract ratification.

  2. The Speaker shall be limited to three (3) two-year terms

  3. Increased committee size up to 12 members

Vote on Resolution 3: 110 Yes; 13 No

Resolution 3 passes


Resolution 4: Establish Meet and Confer Chairs Committee and Clarify the Speaker role

Passed in two parts

 Vote #1 Create Meet & Confer Chairs Committee

Section 9. Meet and Confer Chairs Committee

A. There shall be a Meet and Confer Chairs Committee that will meet as determined necessary, and at least quarterly.  The meetings will be called by the Chair or at the request of a majority of Meet and Confer Chairs. 

The Meet and Confer Chairs Committee shall consist of each Appointing Authority Meet and Confer Committee chair.

The Meet and Confer Chairs Committee will share information between Meet and Confer Committees in regard to common workplace issues, best practices for working with Management, and effective workplace actions and member engagement practices. 

The Meet and Confer Chairs shall choose one of their members to chair the Meet and Confer Chairs Committee.  The Meet and Confer Chairs Committee Chair will be responsible for scheduling meetings, setting agendas, and ensuring meeting minutes are maintained.

Vote: 98 Yes; 19 No

Vote #1 passes

Vote #2: Clarification of Speaker Role

Committee members shall elect a Speaker who will act as a liaison between the Meet and Confer Chairs Committee and the Executive Committee and MAPE Board of Directors and serve on the Negotiations Committee as a full member.  The Speaker will be elected at the Negotiations Convention.  The Speaker is an elected position for purposes of holding MAPE office, and will serve a two-year term.  All bylaws pertaining to the rights of MAPE office holders apply to the Speaker.

The Speaker will be responsible for sharing information regarding common workplace issues, working with Management, workplace actions and member engagement practices with the Executive Committee and MAPE Board of Directors for consideration in strategic decision making, and with the Negotiations Team for consideration in developing collective bargaining proposals.  The Speaker will report to the Executive Committee and MAPE Board of Directors monthly.

Vote on amended language: 66 Yes, 57 No

Vote #2 passes


Resolution 5: Membership of Executive Committee and clarifying the role of Council Chair
Postponed indefinitely 

Motion to postpone indefinitely. 

Vote: 76 Yes; 48 No

Motion passes.

Resolution 5 is postponed indefinitely


Resolution 6: Change MAPE Election Rules to Clarify Nomination Procedures


Summary of the changes:

For Local positions: Individual members may only nominate a member from their local.

For Regional positions: Individual members may only nominate a member from their region.

Vote: 106 Yes; 11 No

Resolution 6 passes


Resolution 7: Two-Year Plan to Revise Election Rules

Summary of the changes include:

  • Elections will be part of the annual statewide elections in even years through 2022 and then switch to odd years in 2023.

  • *Term limits apply even if terms of office are extended due to change in election timing.

  • Starting in 2023, elections must be completed by the end of December.

  • Announce the opening of nominations no later than 30 days before nominations close.

  • Nominations close no later than 60 days before voting window opens

  • Voting opens no later than 10 days before closing the voting window.

  • Voting closes no later than May 27 through 2022 election cycle and no later than December 15 starting with the 2023 election cycle.

  • Seating Statewide Officers first Executive Committee meeting after Elections Committee Report.

Amendment passes

Vote on amended resolution: 118 Yes; 3 No

Resolution 7 passes