2020 a Busy Election Year at MAPE

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Elections are being held across the country and it is no different here at MAPE. We’ll be wrapping up our Feb. Special Elections on the 19th and immediately begin work on the regularly scheduled 2020 elections.

Special Elections

Voting opens today for two Regional Directors (Regions 10 and 14) and 25 local officer positions. 

Regularly scheduled elections

Candidate nominations will open on Feb. 10 for dozens of statewide, regional and local positions up for election in 2020. Several statewide positions are open for nomination including President, Treasurer, Organizing Council (three positions), Political Council (two positions), Trustee and Meet and Confer Chairs.

Elections will be held for Negotiations Committee Representatives in all regions, along with Regional Directors in even-numbered regions.

Members will be voting on Delegates and Alternates to represent their locals at Delegate Assembly, which will be held this fall in Bloomington. All odd-numbered regions will also be voting on all officers in their locals and there will be elections for selected local officer positions in locals with vacancies.

It may appear that elections are often taking place at MAPE but the process is actually working itself into a more practical system. In 2018, the Delegate Assembly voted to make the election process less unwieldly and more manageable by combining local/regional elections with statewide elections

Candidate nominations will be accepted Feb. 10-April 10. Voting will open on May 13 and close on May 27. More election information including candidate statements, social media policy and other material is available at www.mape.org/resources/mape-documents/election-information