2019 Fall Special Elections Completed

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MAPE’s 2019 fall special election-voting ended on Dec. 2 and we have three new officers: Region 2 Director: Randall Shimpach, Region 5 Director: John Bower and Local 401 Membership Secretary: Tyson Marlette.

Nominations for regional directors in two regions and 37 local officer positions in 24 locals closed on Oct. 31.

There was just one nomination in 19 local positions, so no elections were held for these positions. These members were seated on Nov. 6:

Local 201: Secretary Sarbjit Kaur and Treasurer Robin Seifert; Local 601: Membership Secretary Nate Hierlmaier; Local 602: Membership Secretary Sandy Ajasa; Local 802: Vice President Patrick Daly; Local 901: Treasurer Serena McCoy; Local 902: Vice President Dawn Huspeni; Local 1101: Membership Secretary Robert Hobson; Local 1202: Vice President Dan Dingmann; Local 1203: Vice President Tess Flom; Local 1303: Vice President Lisa Kelly, Membership Secretary Keith Halseth and Treasurer Uyanga Bayandalai; Local 1304: Secretary Elaine Vandenburgh and Membership Secretary Jared Scharpen; Local 1601: Secretary Tracey Bartkowitz; Local 1702: Secretary Craig Overboe and Membership Secretary Seal Dwyer and Local 2001: Vice President Steven Speltz.  

MAPE thanks all members who volunteered to serve their union by allowing their names to be entered into the election process, and we are grateful to our statewide Elections Committee members for their dedication: Chair Mike Landers, Robert “Bubba” Aguirre, Benjamin Stoebner and Christopher Cimafranca.