Meet & Confer Appointment Overview

Meet and Confer DOC
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In MAPE we have stewards to enforce our contract and local leaders to build a community. We also have Meet and Confer, which acts as the diplomatic arm of our union. The committees meet to resolve work-related issues that aren’t addressed in the contract, and to bring members’ professional expertise to bear on matters of agency policy. As a practical matter, it’s also the space where we move issues that members are organizing around.

Strong committees are diverse in representation and composition - on personal background, geographic location, and agency division. Successful teams think strategically, act creatively, and speak as one when communicating with management.

Committee members are most successful when they are committed to:

  • having 1:1 conversations with their coworkers about working conditions,
  • building relationships across divisions,
  • attending frequent committee meetings, calls, town halls, and (at minimum) quarterly meetings with management,
  • reporting committee activities at local meetings, and
  • advocating for issues that may not be in their own self-interest.
Meet and Confer