Appendix M -- Statutory Leaves 2017-19 contract

Following are the citations for leaves designated by the Legislature. These leaves are subject to change or repeal. These leaves are not grievable or arbitrable under Article 9 of this contract.

3.088       Leave of Absence to Serve as a Legislator or For Election to a Full-time City or County Office

15.62       Athletic Leave of Absence

43A.185  Disaster Volunteer Leave

43A.32    Leaves of Absence for Classified Employees Who Become Elected Public Officials or Candidates

43A.187  Blood Donation Leave

43A.321  Volunteer Firefighters and Rescue Workers

181.940   Parenting Leave, School Conference and Activities Leave, and Sick Leave Benefits; Care of
- 181.9413  Relatives

181.945     Bone Marrow Donation Leave

181.9456   Organ Donation Leave

181.946     Leave for Civil Air Patrol Service

181.947    Leave for Immediate Family Members of Military Personnel Injured or Killed in Active Service

181.948    Leave to Attend Military Ceremonies

192.26,    Military Service Leave

202A.135  Leave Time from Employment; Party Officers; Delegates to Party Conventions

202A.19   Precinct Caucus Leave

204B.195  Time Off From Work to Serve as Election Judge

204C.04   Time Off to Vote in a State Primary or General Election, or an Election for United States Senator or United States Representative, or Election for State Senator or State Representative