Article XI - Negotiations Convention

Article XI - Negotiations Convention


Section 1.      Purpose.

There shall be a Negotiations Convention for the purpose of establishing bargaining positions for the Unit 214 contract.

Section 2.      Composition.

The Negotiations Convention participants shall consist of:

A. The Executive Committee.

B. Negotiations Representatives elected during the most recent election.

If negotiations with the state are still in progress, there may be some Negotiations Representatives who were not reelected in the most recent election. These Negotiations Representatives will not be included in the Negotiations Convention.

C. At-large members of the Negotiations Committee.

D. Chairs of the statewide Meet and Confer Committees.

Section 3.      Meetings.

A. The time and place of the Negotiations Convention shall be established by the Executive Committee.

B. The Executive Committee will conduct a biennial review of the effectiveness of the convention.

C. The Negotiations Committee Chair(s) shall preside over the convention.

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