David Seipel, Local 901

David Seipel, Local 901
Dave Seipel

What we do affects everyone because everyone eats
I love what I do in food safety and public health at the Dept. of Agriculture – what we do in food inspection affects everyone because everyone eats.

We work right alongside the employees at meat processing plants and we see and hear what they see and hear. You’re providing them with the latest COVID-19 precautions; a lot of times it’s encouragement and support. We’re all in it together and all want a safe food product. Knowing that you’re going to be there for them is very important. It creates a relationship that has a trust factor. They know that they can talk to you more and you’re going to be there.

There is nothing more important in food safety than working together. Yes, we’re the regulators, and if things aren’t right we’re going to take care of it. But they know you’re working with them and it brings a better relationship, and they know you’re going to be there. It makes you stronger and better as a group. They’re making food for someone’s mother or father or little one.

You always carry, especially at the very start, a worry that you will be affected by COVID-19. You’re worried you’ll take it home to your family. You just know that your job is to provide a safe food supply for the people of Minnesota. All of us in food inspection are really a team and I’m proud to be part of the group.

Cynthia Isaacson Thu, 10/29/2020 - 9:27am