2021 Resolution Summaries

These are overviews of the resolutions provided.
Please see the full resolutions for specific language.

Resolution 1: Provide an alternate for Judicial Committee

This resolution would state the Judicial Procedure have a replacement chair if a complaint is brought against both the President and the Vice President.

The Judicial Procedure currently states that there would be a replacement Chair if a complaint is brought against the President.

Authors: Lynn Butcher- lbutcher@mape.org; Tess Flom- tflom@mape.org


Resolution 2: Board workgroup updates

This resolution is seeking to:

  1. Remove the language in the bylaws restricting workgroup members to be members of the Board of Directors.
  2. Newly formed workgroups can choose their own representatives for the Board Workgroup.
  3. Maintain a list of all current board workgroups, sub-groups, task forces and advisory groups it has created.
  4. Make this list available on the MAPE website
  5. The list will include information on scope, composition/structure, current members and term length/limits.

Author: John Ferrara- Jdferrara60@gmail.com

Resolution 3: Meet and Confer Committee expansion and updates

This resolution seeks to change the language about Meet and Confer Committees in the bylaws to include:

  1. A Vice-Chair and Secretary
  2. The Speaker to be elected in odd-number years within one month of contract ratification,
  3. The Speaker to be restricted to no more than three, two-year terms.
  4. The committee allows up to 12 members and two alternates.

Author: Kirsten Peterson- kpeterson@mape.org

Resolution 4: Establish Meet and Confer Chairs Committee and Clarify the Speaker role

This resolution aims to create a statewide standing committee of the Meet & Confer Chairs.

Authors: Lynn Butcher- lbutcher@mape.org; Tess Flom- tflom@mape.org

Resolution 5: Membership of Executive Committee and clarifying the role of the council chair

This resolution aims to remove the Political and Organizing Council chairs from the Executive Committee and instead, have the chairs be a liaison to the Executive Committee.

Authors: Lynn Butcher- lbutcher@mape.org; Tess Flom- tflom@mape.org


Resolution 6: Change MAPE election rules to clarify nomination procedures

This resolution would like to clarify that individual members many only nominate members from their local for regional or local positions.

Authors: Christopher Cimafranca- Christopher.Cimafranca@state.mn.us; Stephanie Boucher- boucherstephanierae@gmail.com; Dan Dodge- dan.j.dodge@gmail.com


Resolution 7: Two-year plan to revise election rules

This resolution proposes a two-year plan to revise the Election Rules. The next MAPE election be held in spring of 2022 as scheduled, but after that move the MAPE election to the fall of odd years (the following election would be Fall of 2023).

Author: Todd Maki- tmaki@mape.org